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Cash transfer purchases NFT Certificates: If you prefer to pay in US Dollars, you can! Purchase ECOSHARE NFT certificates and pay with cash USD, without using crypto currency. Buy with cash for our special introductory price of $3,300 (USD). Direct sales ECOSHARE NFTs and Certificates offered online by March 2023. (The price difference between USD and ETH is based on the fluctuations of ETH, and the added privilege for NFT buyers to begin trading immediately.) 


To pay in $USD, complete the form below and pay directly to ECOSHARE in Singapore and:

  • Select site: Rambutso, Wagu Lake, Sepik, Manus, or Western [Province]. You can review site characteristics HERE


  • Select number of NFT-certificates


  • Email us and transfer $3,300 USD for each purchase to our company account in Singapore. ($3,000 for the actual NFT-certificate and 300 for minting the NFT and processing your order.)


  • We will store your NFTs on a “hard wallet”; meaning it will be held safely off-line until we exchange the NFT for stock exchange registered shares for you, when our IPO commences. 

Choose your EcoShare sites

Thanks for submitting!

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