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Q: How do I receive my certificate(s) if I buy directly [without Crypto currency]?

A: We will purchase the Certified NFT for you and store this offline. We will send you the confirmation and hard copy. After we receive payment, which will be confirmed by e-mail, you will receive a scanned certificate copy by e-mail within three to five days, and a hard copy by regular mail to the address you provided. Your NFT certificate will be electronically stored in a secure, off-line crypto wallet.

Q: Where is my certificate - hectare located?

A: We will produce a detailed and numbered grid for each site location, an offer you to choose your plot by yourself, or if you decline to choose, ES will allocate one to you.

Q: How are the different sites valued?

A: The initial certificate sales offers by site are based on location, size, registration, contract completion track, number of people/clans involved, conservation value, and expected future economic value and opportunities.

Q: What is the main goal for all sites first fundraising/spending?


  1. Start guard service, modest cash transfer, begin infrastructure and small business development.

  2. Begin land surveying and registration. Limited cash transfer to all clans.

  3. Begin full-scale implementation within two years. Set up for-profit local businesses, provide tours and forest product harvesting.

  4. Initial funds will only be spent in PNG, and no salaries or other rewards will be provided to any ES staff. This will only commence when sufficient start-up income has been acquired. Our first budgeting and accounting will be published in full by late 2023.

  5. Begin population participation services and start basic healthcare, education, clean water, and solar/hydro electricity projects.

Q: How is Sepik rated?

A: Sepik:  is a very large, very diverse low to high land diverse forest site, with many rivers and streams, 100s of waterfalls and unique populations of People, Flora and Fauna. A very low number of people live in this forest site, compromised of 15 well-organized clans joined together in a communal landowner company. Disagreement on boundaries remains, and partly overlap and claims by others exist, it has not been yet officially surveyed. Polluting gold retrieval and possible future nearby large scale mining of copper and gold are a threat. It remains hard to reach. Exceptional opportunity; about 600,000 Hectares, extensions possible with at least an additional 200,000 hectares.

Q: How is Rambutso island rated?

A: Rambutso: is relatively easily protected as an island, extremely valuable and commercial development will be fast and easy to commence. Particularly the marine areas have huge economic potential, are easy to reach/logistics; by boat – and an international airport just is two hours away by boat. Agreement between three clans and ES has been signed, and the other three island clans are ready to join. The forward contract area is already surveyed; and land registration is in progress. Among others, on the island we find hardwood trees, mangrove, and a few coconut palm plantations. Around the island, included in the present three signed off on clans areas, are huge seagrass areas, newly growing coral on the north island side, and a multitude of sea life, including turtles, sharks, Bluefin Tuna and Yellowtail [breeding grounds], and many other known and unknown marine species. On the south side some erosion and damage to a new Atoll can be seen due to rising sea levels, most likely caused by global warming.

Q: How is Manus rated?

A: Our Manus based small pilot site; owned by a small, very motivated clan, and has road access. With good primary and secondary forest, food gardens, and a clean water forest stream; an example for others on Manus to join in. Many other clans are interested as long-term logging concessions bring only destruction and virtually no returns to landowner clans.

Q: How is New Britain rated? 

A: This large island group still maintains huge in-tact natural forest and marine based areas. However, very largescale industrial plantations and on-going commercial logging threaten the survival of these unique Islands. We set out to both protect the large tracts of in-tact areas and restore disturbed ecosystems. See level rise is a current issue for many low-lying areas, and islets. (Not yet on offer for sale).

Q: How is Wagu Lake rated? 

A: This is truly a high species diversity treasure of enormous proportions. Both as a unique, virtually untouched ecosystem, and as a natural flood regulation system for the Sepik river system. Under severe threat of overexploitation and worse, a planned enormous open pit goldmine. Ecoshare, together with all clans who have or want to join, will support negotiations to achieve a compensated cancelation of the Frida Gold mine.

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