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A new concept and implementation of this scope requires agreements from many parties – individuals, clans, and government. ECOSHARE has met the usual business registration and regulatory requirements. We publish [part of] these documents to be completely transparent about structure and organization, and agreements we have entered into with the landholders. Full contracts remain confidential to protect proprietary business information.

Registration ECOSHARE Singapore

Certificate of registration Papua New Guinea

Sepik sublease memorandum signature page

Seke clan signatures 185 hectares Manus

Seluh clan sub lease signature page

TRP registration august 2016

CONTRACT AGREEMENT signed by all Sepik Clans 600000 Hectares

ECOSHARE liability


At this time ECOSHARE is a start-up company. We offer these low-price, early-entry certificates in ECOSHARE leases to generate startup capital which will only be used to begin implementing our responsibilities to landowners in PNG and company development activities.


ECOSHARE promotes a new, disruptive concept which will change failing nature conservation forever. Conservation begins immediately, monetary returns are expected to commence by 2024.

All investments involve risk and may lose value. The value of the certificate and the future monetary income from it will vary. Risk factors are high at this start of ECOSHARE. ECOSHARE will increase the sales price of certificates, after introductory certificate sales are completed. Please be aware, income from a future IPO, facilitated by certificate transfer into company shares, may go down as well as up. Our initiative is a new concept and new asset utilization; we cannot guarantee future performance.


  • Ecoshare Pte Ltd is at present fully owned by me, Henry Heuveling van Beek. I hereby state, that the entire company, all shares, will be donated to The Rainforest Project, non-profit foundation in The Netherlands. This will be concluded within the next six months. (2023)

  • The TRP board is led by me as chair, and through the board, I will have decisive influence on a future stand-alone company. 

  • Most landowners need to conclude survey their lands and arrange government registration. This is a primary expense we will initiate when the first batch of certificates are sold. 

  • First income will be spent on this, and emergency humanitarian support. And to hire staff and expand and implement all our efforts.

  • First income will be used for surveys, emergency support and hiring crucial staff in PNG and Singapore. 

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