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Return on Investment

Two returns:

Immediately: conservation of ecosystems, reduce global warming and reduce species extinction.

Monetary ROI - Starting after 2 - 5 years: cash return on investment via ECOSHARE IPO and SME business development returns.

A new commodity never sold before, valued forever.

ECOSHARE allocates monetary value to tropical forest and marine ecosystems in a new and innovative manner: we value ecosystems in their entirety, like a commodity, such as gold.

Valuing ecosystems in this way will play a crucial role in putting a halt to the impact of global warming and biological genocide. People-based nature conservation based on commercial, protected ecosystems provide:

  • Remedies against global warming. Recent figures estimate that tropical forest ecosystems attenuate global warming by at least 30% of global impact.

  • Prevent species extinction and maintenance of high species diversity, providing [unknown] value to the planet’s agricultural gene pool.

  • Curative and preventive medicine base.

  • Clean air and water.

  • Preservation of the natural world’s beauty.


The effects of global warming and ecosystem destruction will mostly be felt in 30 years’ time, when it will be too late to reverse the damage done.

ECOSHARE will satisfy short-term, cash-only returns for investors, as well as new, much longer-term values related to global warming, conservation and first-world-living-impacts on our the global biosphere.

We expect markets will soon catch on and accept these values; they will increase quickly, as ecosystems are disappearing at a fast pace. Therefore, a high, first risk investment, linked to undeniable very high returns may be reasonably expected.

Several time frames are in play

  • Short-term 5-10 year returns with an estimated increase of share value of 50-100%.% on first investments at low intro pricing.

  • Medium-term up to 30 years, about 5-10% annually after implementation of commercialization has taken hold.

  • Long-term 30 to 99 years and beyond, and cannot be predicted at this time, To be estimated but crucial for our survival; for us all, our children and grand-children and great-grand-children.


Conventional assessment value now:

  • Logs, value about USD$80-300 per hectare on-site returns

  • Cash crop agriculture, non-existent -- only subsistence use and yields

  • Access to carbon and mineral deposits, (gold deposits present)

  • Use of other flora and fauna (fishing, hunting, medicinal plants)

  • Hydroelectric potential (Not tapped)


Conservation, long-term, intrinsic ecosystem values:

  • Maintenance of high biodiversity, and prevent species extinction

  • Carbon sequestering

  • Clean air and water

  • Reduction of global warming

  • Support human survival


ROI: High-medium risk —high returns

Year 1-5:

ECOSHARE will begin selling forest and marine ECOSYSTEM certificates over a one to five year period, related to specific lease holdings. Prices will be escalated after each tranche of certificates is sold. Up to the first 10% of certificates are high/medium risk, high return value; the second tranche, 40%, are medium/high risk, and the remaining 50% is low-medium risk. After part or full sale of each area, ECOSHARE - IPO will commence. There is an anticipated five- to six-year value yield on transfer from certificate to tradable shares via IPO of > USD$4,000 - 5,000.

Return on investment ROI: forest and marine ecosystem values of commercial operations and activities in and around our Forest and Marine ECOSHARE SYSTEMS.


Collateral: Legal ownership of long-term forest and marine ecosystems land and coastal waters sublease.

Insurance: Twenty percent of capital inflow in ECOSHARE LTD will be invested in secure Singapore government bonds and held in escrow. Twenty percent for cash returns for landowner remuneration will be kept in escrow and disbursed over the entire duration of the sublease. (An extension and right of first refusal is included in the lease contract.)

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