Ecoshare owns long-term forest and marine ecosystem leases.
We sell Ecoshare Certificates and use returns to support people, conservation and business development.



In response to the global failure to conserve nature, ECOSHARE and The Rainforest Project Foundation Netherlands have started to secure tropical forest and marine ecosystems on a commercial basis. We believe the only solution to reverse failure is allocating monetary value to entire ecosystems.

Despite international efforts, our planet’s natural resources are disappearing forever at an alarming rate. Papua New Guinea still contains pristine ecosystems. Tropical rainforest, wetlands, mountain forest, and marine ecosystems with mangrove, sea-grass beds, and coral reefs have been maintained for thousands of years. Traditional land rights are legally recognized in the constitution of Papua New Guinea. These  rights are vested in local landowner communities, who want to preserve their forests and reefs, but also want to improve their subsistence livelihood. Deep and abiding poverty, however, makes the exploitation of the area's natural resources for economic gain increasingly likely. 


ECOSHARE has begun securing forest lands and marine-based ecosystems in Papua New Guinea together with landowner clans. We believe their rich and diverse ecosystems offer a new potential for commercialization of nature conservation, in combination with inclusive economic development and fair financial compensation for participating landowner communities. ECOSHARE will create short, medium and long-term sustainable returns for investors and local landowner communities alike, while keeping the forest and marine ecosystems intact. 

Site Profiles

Three properties in PNG and more to come
Rambutso Island
showing mature reef
primary forest, high biodiversity
Manus Island
primary/secondary lowland forest
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ECOSHARE SUPER SITES: Waterfall Forests! Special offer in Sekesu-Sisapi Ecoshare Lease and West Sepik.

We Offer larger ECOSHARE units surrounding and feeding untouched waterfalls. Around 1,000 hectares of waterfall Forest ECOSYSTEM SUPER SITES in Sepik and Sekesu-Sisapi. One Hundred Thousand trees, one hundred years, ten million square meters of primary tropical rainforest protected by you, for you and together with you. 10,000 – 100,000 liters of clean water an hour, clean air, thousands of birds, plants and animals, including bird of paradise. (Contact us for a quotation).

From the Moore Foundation

"Sustainable farmland, healthy forests, clean water, and abundant habitat stand to become more valuable as the global population climbs to nine billion by 2050. Already, pioneering investors have put together financial solutions that combine real assets, such as tropical forests, with cash flows from operations in fields such as sustainable timber, agriculture and ecotourism. Conservation finance, as this field is known, represents an undeveloped, but emerging private sector investment opportunity of major proportion."



Legal amendments

SABL sub-lease legal structure. Recently, the government of Papua New Guinea (GOPNG) announced all Special Agricultural Business licenses (SABL) are going to be canceled, in response to many [justified] complaints these were used to commit fraud, and facilitate logging. This legal amendment has so far not been implemented. Our Sekesu-Sisapi land lease is part-based on a SABL. We will adjust our contract in close cooperation with the Sekesu-Sisapi Incorporated Landowner Group, (ILG) when and if the GOPNG decides to move forward with this administrative adjustment.

New ECOSHARE sites

Ecoshare has been approached several Land owner clans and groups in Hela Province, Morobe Province and extensions in Sepik, Manus, and Gulf province. We will start negotiations by June this year.

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This is a new idea in conservation. We know you will have lots of questions, ask away!

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