Primary Forest, High Biodiversity, six species Bird of Paradise

ECOSHARE Certificates now at an introductory price of only USD$500 per hectare. Make financial gains and preserve this forest until the end of the 21st century. 2000 ECOSHARE Certificates available at this price for Sekesu-Sisapi Incorporated Land Group, Southern and Gulf Province.

Description and Location

ES 2121: located within the 54,000 hectares of Sekesu - Sisapi SABL (Special Agriculture and Business License), Southern Highlands and Gulf province. Start MARCH 2017: 82 years left on present lease, extension included in lease contract by May 2099. HIGH BIODIVERSITY AREA – extremely committed landowner protection and participation. Full lease contract signed by ECOSHARE; October 2016.

Commercial Prospects for Sekesu-Sisapi:
  • Growing and harvesting of local produce; after 5 years, 100 USD return per hectare on 4,000 hectares, generating 400,000 USD

  • Certificate sales as green bonds: Carbon sink/clean air (550 trees 10 cm DBH > per hectare)

  • Clean water: rivers, streams, and waterfalls. Eaglewood plantations in buffer zones and sustainable harvesting of eaglewood

  • Tourism: high end bird watching tours and forest tracking. For example; six species of bird of paradise reside in our Sekesu-Sisapi ES. Estimated to yield small numbers of 4 -5 day tour groups totalling 100 - 1000 people per year (1,000 USD entry permit cost per person) Conservative estimate, average profit per year: 100,000 USD.

  • Intellectual property rights on medicinal plant commercialization. Unknown returns at this time; potentially very high.

  • Containment of disease vectors, identification of new and existing diseases and vectors and pre-emptive identification of antibodies and development vaccines. Research and IP rights. Unknown returns at this time

  • Small-scale sustainable alluvial gold retrieval. Unknown ROI


The Sekesu – Sisapi Landowner Group Incorporated initially planned to use this PNG government lease back business license to tap into the carbon credit market, but this did not work out; SABL land-lease agreements are very controversial legal constructions that were and are used to facilitate logging and other commercial activities which have often proved to be fraudulent. Many have now been cancelled by the PNG government.

Together with the Sekesu – Sisapi clans we are doing something truly innovative and unique; using a SABL to save their forests.

The circa 9,000 people living on the border of the 54,000 hectares included in this SABL are anxious to create an alternative to subsistence living that does not require them to sacrifice their forests. A number of years ago, illegal loggers invaded the southern part of their lands. Sekesu – Sisapi clan members successfully put a stop to that. To this day, they have kept their forests intact just as their ancestors have done over thousands of years, but the threat of logging is ever-present. Additionally, benefits from logging, mining and industrial palm oil plantations reach only very few; and the vast majority of PNG landowner clans remain extremely poor and do not receive anything in return for the destruction of their natural resources. (See PNG health statistics)

Logging nearby is commencing. In addition, EXXON-MOBIL gas pipeline near the boundary of the ECOSHARE lease is serving foreign banks, investors and down stream buyers in Japan, Taiwan and China; they will be invited to purchase ECOSHARE Certificates to help off-set pollution and support security.

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