Reef & Seagrass,
Blue Fin Tuna nursery

ECOSHARE Certificates now at an introductory price of only USD$2000 per hectare. Make financial gains and preserve this ecosystem until the end of the 21st century. Five hundred ECOSHARE Certificates available at this price for Rambutso Island, Manus Province.

Description and Location

ECOSHARE – Selu & Lammoi Clans; Reef and Sea Grass areas -, Rambutso Island, (over 2,000 Hectares and expanding.) First 500 CERTIFICATES at USD$2,000 per hectare, duration 99 years, starting in 2017. HIGH BIODIVERSITY marine ecosystem area– pristine condition, used by local people for sustainable fishing. Forward lease contracts signed, registration started, October 2016. Manus province, pilot project with island forest and reefs. Excellent potential for tourism, very high value sustainable fishing for exports. Medium risk forward contract, first 500 hectares of marine ecosystem; old and newly growing coral reefs, sea grass, turtles, whales, blue and yellow fin tuna, dugongs and many other threatened marine species.

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