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June 26, 2017

Our site and ECOSHARE “soft” launch is about to start. Our website, with key information is ready, however, will be tweaked and if needed, amended in the coming weeks. A few matters remain in the development stage. Payments are temporarily only be possible via PayPal, and direct wire transfers to our ECOSHARE bank account in Singapore. We will soon provide Credit card payment and other options.

The transfer of 90% of ECOSHARE company to TRP is being prepared, however not yet completed.

January 2016

"Sustainable farmland, healthy forests, clean water, and abundant habitat stand to become more valuable as the global population climbs to nine billion by 2050. Already, pioneering investors have put together financial solutions that combine real assets, such as tropical forests, with cash flows from operations in fields such as sustainable timber, agriculture and ecotourism. Conservation finance, as this field is known, represents an undeveloped, but emerging private sector investment opportunity of major proportion."

From The Betty and Gordon More Foundation 


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